INUIT Soapstone Art,, Artifacts, SCULPTURES, and PreColumbian AZTEC Carvings of Antiquity........
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Any given,True ART,Artifacts Sculptures,and INUIT Carvings of soapstone are irreplaceable and cannot be duplicated especially if ancient such as our Pre-Columbian Aztec carving. You cannot go to another source and purchase the SAME piece of INUIT Art, Artifact, Sculpture, Carving and even more so,Art,Artifacts,Sculptures and Carvings of Antiquity, such as Pre-Columbian Aztec, wherein the ARTIST is no longer living, as in the example of our Pre-Columbian Aztec ancient carving.

INUIT Walrus Soapstone Art,Artifact, Carving,Sculpture:

Wt of-18 lbs; H-7"; W-6 1/2; L- 12".
DARK GREY, made from "Soapstone", a type of metamorphic rock which is largely composed of the mineral talc and is thus rich in magnesium.It is produced by dynamothermal metamorphism and metasomatism. This carving is at least 40 + years old and we understand it is the LAST and ONLY one of its kind,
of the artist's Walrus soapstone carvings because of its large size

The INDIGENOUS INUIT Artist is named, "Joanassie Oomayoualook" whose registered NUMBER is E91749 and signature, both of which are written also on the carving

Joannassie Lives in "Inukjuak", in Northern Quebec on Hudson Bay

This RARE INUIT Artifact, Art, Sculpture, CARVING.......
has a price of $1900.. but is only valid for a limited time as this one of a kind carving and would receive MUCH MORE on the open AUCTION market.
We will even accept any CONFIRMED higher BIDS with COPY of this ad which states the minimum price, at any given date BUT not less.

VERY IMPORTANT: True COLLECTORS of Antiquities,Art,Artifacts,Sculptures and Carvings, purchase, not for the money VALUE BUT for the IRREPLACEABLE, One-Of-A-Kind Beauty,which is the TRUE VALUE. For that reason we will NEVER sell to anyone by ONLINE methods.It is too easy to SCAM and steal the Art.True art, like this piece, is irreplaceable. ANYONE who is SINCERE and prepared to BUY , be prepared to PAY CASH or by MONEY ORDER ( Cashiers Check), however, we are quite willing and PREFER to SHOW the ACTUAL artifact BUT that would require you coming to Timmins, Ontario, CANADA at your own expense, to view it. You are welcome to come and meet us in person and we will gladly oblige.

We purchased this ARTIFACT from a Mining Engineer, in Toronto, Canada in about 1972 , who, himself, we understand, purchased it in the early 1960's .

To REPEAT we will never sell it by online, methods so either send the FULL money for the Purchase price plus Shipping, Plus Insurance , OR as we are advising, for you to come, at your own expense to VIEW it, and purchase, if desired, in person and take the Antiquity/Art/Artifact/Sculpture/Carving with you.

Although it is not required,we do prefer the personal viewing method by you, for Satisfaction reasons for BOTH of Buyer and Seller and we will make EXCEPTIONS to accept ordinary CHEQUES but only from Long-Standing REPUTABLE Corporations and legitimate Collector Organizations.

If you wish to view more images of the INUIT Soapstone Carving, click on the link: "INUIT Soapstone WALRUS Carving", BELOW.

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