CAMPING Sites in PARAGUAY acreage.....$199. for 24/7 ,365 days per year camping or you can BUY also a 248 acre parcel of land

Camping ACREAGE, LAND, PROPERTY of OVER 2000 ACRES for: CAMPING, 24 hours per day, 7 DAYS per week , 365 DAYS per YEAR or..
you can purchase a complete 248 plus acre lot of acreage, land,as LOW as Canadian $49,900., or pay in...

Gold/Silver, Yuan Equivalent with only 20% DOWN

CAMPING, Farming or Living here, on our Acreage farm land Estate is not for the Faint of Heart.It is for those with STRONG Characters, Bodies and Determination. It is Acreage, bush land filled with WILD animals, such as Tapir, Wild Pig, Vultures, Large snakes, Alligators and 2 types of Large WILD CAT( Jaguar and Puma) and a smaller cat, the OCELOT among many other species of South American wildlife. DON'T EVEN CONTEMPLATE camping or living here on our ACREAGE land estate if your idea of staying "outdoors" is an outfitted CABIN, with all the "conveniences" in what Westerners consider "cottage country" . This part of Paraguay is country for those with TRUE COURAGE , Strength. PERSERVERENCE and an EXPERIENCED sense of CAMPING Adventure and who have already ENJOYED a great deal of time in REAL OUTDOOR WILDERNESS camping or living. Youthful spirit is very helpful but NOT ENOUGH

Great low-cost Real Estate acreage, or farm land or CAMPING deal not to be found anywhere as adventurous, eco-friendly and profitable as Paraguay!

This acreage real-estate is located in the CHACO Region of Paraguay, South America,a country with LOWEST PERSONAL INCOME TAXES in the Americas and a strong belief in PRIVACY, SECURITY, Independence and MOST of all..a Free Market Economy....a concept being lost very quickly in North America and Europe!

The Paraguay,South America acreage pics to the right showing the land,property and real-estate are in descending order from the top,as follows:

First Acreage pic (top) -Workers building the road to our camping/purchase lots

Second pic (middle)-One of the CAMPING lots being cleared for the owner

Bottom composite pic -An acreage,land,real-estate development pic of: a small indigenous family farm;Sunset over the river; The Iguazu Falls(largest in the world, supplying electricity to both Brazil and Paraguay);Capital city,Asuncion

**For more pics, & information on, How to BUY the CAMPING RIGHTS on our over 2000 acres or To actually PURCHASE an acreage, farm land, property 248 acre lot or parcel in our estate here in the Chaco region of Paraguay, South America and more than enough information scroll down to the following links:

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